Anonymous said: I kind of look like Chris Brown, except i'm white, with no tattoos, cant sing, have blue eyes, muscular rather than skinny fat, dont have a big old dick and am only rich compared to people I know. PS I dont beat women but if one wants to throw down it will happen! SO WANNA DATE THEN?

Ew I have a bf

Anonymous said: Not a day goes by Kenno when I don't think of you, feeling my balls or having a poo. Your face is like vomit and your ass is huge but i'd bury my dick in you like it was getting refuge. You're such a crank and I don't like that and that makes you a fucking twat :)

Have you seriously not got anything better to do with your time than make a rhyme about me

Anonymous said: what was your fav band/singer as a kid and what is it now?

You me at six hahah an now it’s chris brown

Anonymous said: what was your first pet and what have you got now?

Erm either the owl bell or my dog badger who sadly passed this year, erm I’ve got 3 dogs 1 cat loads of fish 2 chickens hahaha

Anonymous said: So you think you can just walk round an Asda and i wouldn't see you. Next time you better run for cover Kenno, because I'm going to throw you in the freezers where they keep the oven chips until your nipples are so hard they could cut through glass. You looked beautiful btw xoxo

What the actual fuck